Using a mobile browser

Using a mobile browser

When using a mobile device with GoReact there are some special considerations to keep in mind.  While you can upload files, review and leave feedback, you cannot record directly.  This is because GoReact uses Adobe Flash for recordings, but Adobe doesn't support Flash on mobile devices.  You can, however, use the GoReact Recorder App (which lets you upload and record). 

To upload a video to GoReact using a mobile browser:

  1. Open a browser on your mobile device and navigate to
  2. Open the menu in the upper-right and select "Login" (or "Sign Up" if you don't already have an account).


  3. Enter your credentials and press "Login."


  4. Choose the activity you want to upload to on the left and click "Add Video."


  5. Click "Upload."


  6. Select your video file and press "Start."


  7. Wait for the upload to complete.
  8. That's it!
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