Reviewing feedback

After your instructor or peers have left feedback on your video, you can follow the steps below to review it.

  1. Play your video by clicking its thumbnail. You'll see any posted comments in the feedback panel on the right-hand side.
  2. You can see the time that each comment was made and, during playback, the comments will display at the bottom of the video panel.


  3. If you want to review a specific comment, click on the comment in the feedback panel and the video will begin playing 5 seconds before the comment was made. (We do this so you can see the context.)
  4. To reply to a comment that was made on your video, you can hover over the comment and press the "Reply" button.


  5. To review any rubrics on your video, click the Rubrics tab on the top of the feedback panel.


  6. If the activity is set to allow for Self-Evaluation or Peer-Evaluation rubrics, you will find them in the Rubric drop-down menu.


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