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Critiquing videos

To learn how to critique your own video or give feedback on your peers' videos, watch a short video or review more in-depth information below.

  1. Enter the playback screen by clicking the video's thumbnail.
  2. You will see the media play on the left (or a black screen if it is a Live Event) and a feedback panel on the right.
  3. Choose the type of feedback you want to give by selecting it from the Feedback Toolbar at the bottom of the feedback panel.  (Text comments are selected by default.)


  4. Follow the steps for your preferred feedback type:
    1. A  Text Comment - Begin typing in the comment box on the lower right (the video will stop automatically).  The comment will be saved to the appropriate spot on the timeline when you hit "Enter."


    2. B  Video Comment - Choose the type of video comment you wish to submit by clicking "Video," "Upload," or "YouTube." Then press "Record," "Choose your File," or copy and paste the link, respectively.


    3. C  Audio Comment - Record your comments and click "Stop" when you are done.


    4. D  Markers - Click the appropriate colored box at the bottom of the feedback panel for the marker you want to use.


    5. E  End Note - End Notes are longer, final comments that allow you to summarize your observations. You can enter up to 2,000 characters. They will appear at the end of the comment list in the feedback panel.


  5. Once you finish leaving feedback,  Click "Done" in the upper right-hand corner.
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