Creating GoReact activities in Moodle

Creating GoReact activities in Moodle

NOTE: If your Moodle Administrator has not installed the GoReact tool for your organization but they grant instructors the ability to do individual installs, you can find the instructor install guide here: Installing the GoReact tool on a Moodle Activity. If instructors do not have the ability to install external tools your Moodle admin will need to do so by following the admin install guide here: Administrator setup of GoReact in Moodle.

This section will explain how to add GoReact to your activities after your Administrator has installed the GoReact tool for your organization.

  1. Under the Course Administration section select "Turn editing on."


  2. Click "Add an activity or resource."
  3. Select "External tool."
  4. Click "Add."


  5. Under "Adding a new External Tool", enter an Activity name
  6. Using the drop-down menu next to "Preconfigured tool" select "GoReact"
  7. After adding any additional settings, click "Save and display"


The GoReact tool will open where you can select your GoReact Activity settings. Once you click the red "Done" button on the bottom right, you are finished and your activity is ready for student submissions!


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