Creating GoReact assignments in Brightspace

This document will walk you through how to add a GoReact assignment to your Brightspace course.  If you are using the Brightspace new content experience see this guide.

Please Note: The GoReact app needs to be installed by your Brightspace administrator prior to creating assignments.

  1. Log in to Brightspace and select "Content."
  2. Add a new (or select an existing) module.
  3. Click "Add Existing Activities."
  4. Select "External Learning Tools."


  5. Scroll down and select "Create a New LTI Link."


  6. Enter a title for your Activity and enter as the URL.
  7. Click "Create and Insert."


  8. Click the drop-down arrow on the activity you just created and select "Edit properties in-place"
  9. Check "Open as External Resource."  For the best overall experience, we highly recommend loading the GoReact tool in a new window.  This will allow students to record and critique videos using the entire screen, rather than being forced into a small window (iframe).


  10. Open your new assignment in Brightspace.  Select a GoReact assignment type and choose your assignment settings as needed (or copy a previous assignment).  When you're finished, click "Done" and you're all set!  For more on GoReact assignments see our other documentation on Assignments.


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