Common upload issues

Common upload issues

Listed below are three common issues that can occur while uploading videos to GoReact.

Your upload is taking forever

If your upload is taking a long time it is usually due to the size of your file and the speed of your internet connection. To decrease the size of your file, see our Converting/Compressing your video guide. Also, make sure your upload speed is at least 0.5Mbps by checking here:  After running the test, if your upload speed is slower than 0.5Mbps you will need to move to a different, faster internet connection before uploading your file again.

There is an error message that says "Shucks! Check your computer's time..." 

If you are getting a message that says "Shucks! Check your computer's time...," it is most likely because your computer's time does not match your current location. To check this, navigate to your computer's clock settings and make sure they are set to automatically set your Time Zone, Time, and change for daylight savings. For detailed steps on how to check these settings see Why am I getting a "Shucks.." Message?

The upload won't start or keeps failing

If your file consistently fails but is a supported video format within the file size limit and you've checked the time settings as indicated above, it is likely failing due to a poor internet connection.  GoReact requires a minimum, consistent upload speed of 0.5Mbps (this is separate from your download speed). For devices that support Flash, you can check your upload speed by going to and clicking the "Begin Test" button. For mobile devices, it will prompt you to download their app to test your speed.  When the test completes, your upload speed will be shown in the top right corner of the test results. If your indicated speed is less than 0.5Mbps you will most likely be unable to upload your file and will need to try again on a different network or internet connection.

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