Installing the GoReact tool on a Moodle activity (standalone)

If the GoReact Tool has not been installed by your Admin and you have the ability to install it on the activity level, please follow these instructions:


If the GoReact tool was already installed by your Moodle Administrator, please see Creating GoReact assignments in Moodle.

  1. Under the Course Administration section click "Turn Editing On."


  2. Find the section you wish to add the assignment to and click "Add an activity or resource."
  3. Select "External Tool."
  4. Click "Add."


  5. Enter an activity name and click "Show more..."
  6. In the "Secure launch URL" field, enter
  7. Change the "Launch Container" to New Window.
  8. In the "Consumer key" field, enter your email address.
  9. In the "Shared secret" field enter goreact (all lower case).
  10. Under Privacy make sure all three boxes are checked.
  11. Add any other settings you prefer and then click "Save and Display."


Open the assignment to launch the GoReact tool.  Choose an assignment type and any additional settings. Once you click the "Done" button on the bottom right, you are finished and your assignment is ready for student submissions!


GoReact logo

If you want to make GoReact assignments easier to identify in Moodle, you can edit the assignment, and add this link in the "Icon URL" field:

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