Please Note:

If you are recording a video for a Standard assignment, then you have the option to trim your video before you post it. Trimming allows you to trim off the beginning and/or end of your video only.

Please note

The trimming feature can only be used on newly recorded videos.
Videos that were already posted, as well as uploads, cannot be trimmed in GoReact.  Instead, you will need to download your video from GoReact and then edit it using a third-party program (such as Quicktime or PowerPoint). After you trim your video, you can re-upload it to GoReact.

Trimming Your Video After Recording

  1. Follow the steps in Recording a video to record your video.
  2. When you finish recording, click the Trim icon (a pair of scissors) at the bottom left of the toolbar.


  3. Use the sliders and/or timestamps to adjust how much time to remove from the beginning/end of the video.


  4. When you are finished, click "Save and Post."
    Please note, after you post your video, you no longer have the option to trim.
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