How to trim your video

Trimming your video

If you are recording to a Self-Submit activity, you have the option to Trim your video before you Post it. Trimming allows you to trim off the ends of your video only, not anything from the middle.

Follow this step-by-step tutorial or the listed steps below.


  1. Follow the steps in Posting to a Self-Submit Activity to record your video.
  2. Then, once you finish recording but before you click "Post", Click the Trim icon (a pair of scissors) at the bottom left of the toolbar.


  3. When you click the Trim icon it will turn red, two sliders will appear (one on each end of your recording), and two red timestamps will show up on either side of the Play button. Use the sliders and/or timestamps to adjust how much time on each end of the video should be removed.


  4. Once you are finished, press Play to review your trimmed video and click "Trim and Post" at the top of the screen to post the video to your dashboard for review.  Note:  No further trimming can be done once the video is posted.
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