Administrator setup of GoReact in Brightspace

This document explains how to add the GoReact tool to the Brightspace platform. The Brightspace Administrator will need to do the initial installation after which instructors (or the Admin) will be able to create GoReact assignments.

Important Note

You will need to contact GoReact Support in order to receive the unique Key used when setting up GoReact in Brightspace.

  1. Log into Brightspace as an admin, select "External Learning Tools (LTI)" from the main menu.
  2. Click "Manage Tool Providers."
  3. Click "New Tool Provider."


  4. In the "Launch Point URL" field, enter
  5. Leave the Version as "Inherit Global (1.1)."
  6. Leave the OAuth Signature Method as "HMAC-SHA256."
  7. In the "Secret" field, enter "goreact" (lowercase).
  8. Check the box for "Use custom tool consumer information instead of default."
  9. In the "Key" field, enter the unique key you received from GoReact Support.
  10. In the "Name" field, enter the specific name of your school/Organization.
  11. In the "Description" field, enter "GoReact Integration with Brightspace" or any description you prefer.
  12. In the "Contact Email" field, enter your email address.
  13. Check the box for "Allow users to use this tool provider."


  14. Under "Security Settings," select all checkboxes.
  15. Click "Add Org Units" and select courses as appropriate, then click "Save & Close."


Once you have the tool added, you can start creating GoReact assignments in Brightspace. To learn how to do this, please see How to add a GoReact assignment to Brightspace.

Custom Secret

If you would like to update the secret for your organization to a custom GUID in addition to the key,

  1. Follow this guide to set up the tool with the generic secret.
  2. Create a GoReact assignment and open it.
  3. Once you see the GoReact dashboard, contact the support team to request a unique secret.
  4. Update the tool in Brightspace with the provided secret.
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