GoReact via Canvas FAQs

This article is for Instructors. Click here for the student article.

Using GoReact in Canvas

We're excited to have you use GoReact in Canvas and want to ensure you have a smooth and trouble-free experience! To help avoid any confusion for you or your students, please note the following: 

Important Note

When using this integration, your courses CANNOT be set up on both goreact.com and in Canvas. These are separate platforms, so that means courses, videos, payments, and student registrations are not interchangeable between them. To create or access any Canvas course content, you and your students must log in directly through Canvas.  Do not create anything on goreact.com.  (Yep, we're foot-stomping a lot on this one - it really is important!)

Also Note: In order for the GoReact tool to work properly across all browsers, you will need to check the option in your Canvas settings to open the GoReact assignment in a new window.

What is the same as goreact.com?

  • After you open up an assignment, the GoReact dashboard will work the same way as it does in goreact.com, except for the navigation between courses and assignments.  Assignment settings, adding videos, and critiquing videos will all be the same.
  • All of the help documentation you see in our goreact.com Instructor Section will apply to the GoReact app in Canvas, with a few exceptions noted below. 

What is different from goreact.com?

  • Navigation between courses and assignments can only be done in Canvas and not within the GoReact tool.  
  • Instructors cannot create sessions for students (this method is often used for live review assignments). Doing so will prevent grades from passing to the Gradebook. 
  • The GoReact mobile recorder app cannot be used with Canvas courses.

How to get set up

For administrators setting up the GoReact tool for your organization, see Administrator setup of GoReact in Canvas.  (Note that this is required before instructors can set up their assignments.)

For instructors adding GoReact to your assignments, see Creating GoReact assignments in Canvas.

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