Creating GoReact assignments in Canvas

(If you haven't set up the GoReact tool yet, please see the guide for Adding the GoReact app to Canvas before continuing.)

Here's a quick video if you'd like to see the assignment creation process in action.

  1. In Canvas, create an Assignment.
  2. Enter an Assignment Name, Points, and any other desired settings.
  3. Change the "Submission Type" to "External Tool."


  4. In the "Enter or find an External Tool URL" field, click "Find."  Select GoReact and then click "Select."


  5. Check the box for "Load This Tool In A New Tab."

    Please Note

    For the best overall experience, we highly recommend loading the GoReact tool in a new tab.  This will allow students to record and critique videos using the entire screen, rather than being confined to a small screen.

  6. Finish the assignment setup, then choose "Save" or "Save and Publish."
  7. Open your new assignment in Canvas and select a GoReact assignment type (or copy a previous assignment).


  8. Select the additional assignment settings as needed. When you're finished, click "Done" and you're all set!  For more on GoReact assignments see our other documentation on Assignments.



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