Uploading a video

Follow this guide to upload a video to GoReact.

Recording in SD

For the best upload experience, we recommend lowering the camera resolution on your recording device to standard definition (360p or 480p).  If your device doesn't offer those resolutions, please choose the lowest resolution available (i.e. 720p).

  1. If you are using a mobile device, see the Mobile guides for information about uploading from a mobile device.
  2. Make sure that your file is a supported file format (MP4, MOV, etc.) and that you have a good, strong internet connection (you can test your upload speed here).
  3. Select the assignment and click "Start Assignment."


  4. Add an optional title and click "Continue."


  5. Click the "Upload" tab, then click "Choose a video file" and select the file from your computer.


  6. Click "Start."


  7. Once your video is finished uploading (the upload reaches 100% and you return to the dashboard), it will go through processing (this may take a few minutes depending on the current server processing times).
  8. Verify that you can play your video to ensure it uploaded successfully.

If you experience any difficulties with uploading, please see the Troubleshooting: uploading guide for help.  Please note that videos can't be uploaded to single attempt assignments.

Stimulus Assignments

If you are submitting to a Stimulus assignment, we recommend recording directly in GoReact because an uploaded video will not be synced with the stimulus video. If your assignment is a stimulus assignment, please see Recording a Stimulus assignment video.

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