Posting to a Stimulus activity

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Stimulus activities allow you to watch or listen to a stimulus prompt while simultaneously recording your response.  Follow these steps to record a Stimulus response video.

  1. Select the Stimulus activity on the left side of the dashboard and click "Add Video."


  2. Add an optional title and click "Record." (While you can upload a video to a stimulus activity, it is generally not recommended as it will not be synced to the stimulus.)

  3. If you see the Equipment Check and it passes, click "Continue." If your equipment check fails, click "Download Adobe Flash" and allow any prompts for access to your camera and microphone. If you are still having problems see the Adobe Flash guide.


  4. When the recording screen loads, it will have the Stimulus Media on the left, with the recording screen on the right.  You can resize the two screens by using the handle between the two.


  5. Click "Begin" to play the stimulus video and start recording.


  6. While you are recording you can pause, play, and scrub the stimulus media on the left using the provided toolbar.
  7. Once you are finished, click "End." Then click "Done" to post your video to the dashboard.


In some instances, your teacher may allow you to choose your own stimulus. In these situations, after clicking "Add Video" you'll see an extra "Add Media" button on the title screen.  Click this button to record, upload, or link your stimulus from YouTube.  After adding your own stimulus video, you can proceed to record your stimulus response by following the steps above.


Important Note

Participants should use headphones when recording a Stimulus Media response (unless the Stimulus Media has no audio). This will prevent viewers from hearing the Stimulus echo in the background of the Response recording.

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