Posting to a Live Event activity

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Posting to a Live Event activity

If your teacher assigns a Live Event activity, it means that during your presentation your teacher and/or classmates can watch your recording stream live and provide live feedback. Sometimes Live Event activities will be in class and your teacher will record you. Other times you will be at a remote location and your teacher and/or classmates will log in remotely to watch. Explained here is how to record to a Live Event activity from a remote location.  

  1. Select the Live Event activity on the left and click "Add Video".


  2. Add a title and press "Record".


  3. If you see the Equipment Check, and it passes, press "Continue". If your equipment check fails, click "Download Adobe Flash" and allow any prompts for access to your camera and mic.  If you are still having problems see How to make sure Adobe Flash is updated and enabled.


  4. Once you are on the recording screen, press "Record" on the upper right.


  5. When you are finished recording, press "Stop" on the upper right.
  6. At this point, you can "Resume" your recording if the activity is not a test or you can click "Done" to finish your recording and post it.


  7. To review the feedback on your video, just click the thumbnail on the dashboard to play the video and review any feedback. You can also see Reviewing Feedback
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