Activity settings

This article is for Students. Click here for the Instructor article.

To view which settings are enabled on an activity, look at which icons are darkened at the top right.


test.png Test option: The Test option enforces the following rules:

  • One attempt. One submission.
  • A time limit may be set by your instructor. At the end of the time limit, the recording will be automatically submitted.
  • You cannot delete your submission, although your instructor can.
  • You will not have access to any activity resources or stimulus media before you begin recording.
  • If you end your recording for any reason, your video will be automatically submitted.

slide-sync.png Slide Sync: PDF slides can be added and viewed side-by-side with your video. See Slide Sync for more details.

peer-critique.png Peer Critique: Students can view and give feedback on each others' recordings. While critiquing a peer, you can only see your own comments unless "All Comments are Public" is also enabled.

public-comments.png All Comments are Public: Allows everyone in the course to see all timeline feedback, including comments, markers, and ratings.

markers.png Markers: A set of color-coded labels created by the instructor for marking up a video.

rubrics.png Rubric: Either an instructor or student rubric was added to the activity.

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