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At the top of each assignment, you can view the assignment name, type, privacy, instructions, and settings.


There are three assignment types:

  • StandardWithout any additional settings, this assignment type allows you to record or upload a standalone video and submit it for feedback.  With additional settings, this assignment type can be configured to allow live review, group recordings, or presenter slides.
  • Stimulus - This assignment type allows you to record a video response to a prompt video (or other media). This recorded response will then be synchronized to the stimulus media.
  • Comment Only - This assignment type allows you to evaluate a video without recording your own video response. 

There are three different privacy options:

  • Private - Recordings and feedback are only visible to the Presenter and Instructors/Reviewers.
  • Closed Peer Review - Peers see and critique others' recordings, but their feedback is only visible to the Presenter and Instructors/Reviewers. (formerly Peer Critique)
  • Open Peer Review - Peers see and critique others' recordings, and can see everyone's feedback on all submissions.  (formerly Peer Critique and All Comments are Public)

If you click "View Instructions," then you can preview the Stimulus media, Recording instructions, Feedback instructions, Instructor attachments, and Rubric (if applicable).


To easily see which settings are enabled on an assignment, check which icons are darkened at the top right.

OneAttempt.png Single recording attempt: Enforces the following rules:

  • One attempt. One submission.
  • You cannot delete your submission, although your instructor can.
  • You will not have access to any instructions or stimulus media before you begin recording.
  • If you end your recording for any reason, your video will be automatically submitted.

Timer.png Time limit: Recordings are restricted to a specific amount of time.  At the end of the time limit, the recording will be automatically submitted.

Slideshow.png Presenter slides: PDF slides can be added and viewed side-by-side with your video. See Adding slides to a video for more details.

Markers.png Markers: A set of color-coded labels created by the instructor for marking up a video.

Rubrics.png Rubrics: Either an instructor or student rubric was added to the assignment (or both).

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