Recording a single attempt video

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The Single recording attempt option can be enabled on any assignment (except Group Recordings and Comment only assignments).  When enabled, you'll see a darkened "1" icon at the top right.


When this setting is enabled, the following rules are enforced:

  • One attempt. One submission.
  • Videos can only be recorded, not uploaded.
  • A time limit may be set by your instructor (timer icon will also be darkened). At the end of the time limit, the recording will be automatically submitted.
  • You cannot delete your submission, although your instructor can.
  • You will not have access to any instructions or stimulus media before you begin recording.
  • If you end your recording for any reason, your video will be automatically submitted.
  • You cannot download your video after it's submitted like you can on other assignments.

To record a single attempt video, follow these steps:

  1. Check your equipment. If your course has a previous assignment with multiple attempts allowed, record a short video there to make sure your camera and microphone are working.  (You can delete this video later.)
  2. Prepare your recording environment.  Check your connection speed and signal strength.  (See the Video Recording Checklist for more details on connection requirements.)
  3. Click "Start Assignment."


  4. Enter an optional title and click "Continue."


  5. If you see the Equipment Check and it passes, click "Continue." If the equipment check fails, see Enabling your camera and microphone.


  6. Click "Start Single Attempt" to record your video.


Please Note

After clicking the "Start Single Attempt" button, if you exit the recording screen without recording your video, then you will receive an incomplete submission. If your test submission is incomplete, you will need to contact your instructor to request a retake.

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