Posting to a Test activity

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Posting to a Test activity

The Test option can be enabled on any activity.  When enabled, you'll see this darkened icon at the top right: test.png.

Test Rules

  • One attempt. One submission.
  • A time limit may be set by your instructor. 
  • You cannot delete your submission, although your instructor can.
  • You will not have access to any activity resources or stimulus media before you begin recording.
  • If you end your recording for any reason, your video will be automatically submitted.

To submit to a test activity, we recommended the following steps:

  1. Check your equipment. If your course has previous activities that are not marked as tests, go record a short video in one of them to make sure your camera and microphone are connected and working.  (You can then delete this video.)
  2. Prepare your recording environment.  Check your connection speed and signal strength.  (See our Video Recording Checklist for more details on connection requirements and troubleshooting.)
  3. Click Add Video.


  4. Enter a title and press Record.


  5. Make sure your Equipment Check passes, then press "Continue." If your equipment check fails, click "Download Adobe Flash" and allow any prompts for access to your camera and microphone. If you are still having problems see the Adobe Flash guide.


  6. At this point, you have one last chance to exit before recording. If you click "Start Test", your attempt has begun and there is no turning back!


  7. Record your test. Good luck!
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