Using a Join Link

Please follow these steps to use a join link:

Please note

Join links are unique to each course and look something like this:

  1. Open the join link provided by your instructor. Your instructor will likely email this to you, or make it available on a classroom message board.
  2. If you have an existing account, log in.  If you need to create an account, click "Sign up" at the top right.


  3. Either enter the required information and click "Sign Up," or click the "Google" button to use GoReact with an existing Google account. (Note: If you choose Google at this point, you will always use the Google button to sign in to GoReact.)


  4. If required, select "Pay With Card" or "Enter Access Code."  Then, enter your card information or access code and click "Submit."  (If your organization has set up a different method of payment or if you have a 5-year plan, then you will be able to access the course immediately.)


That's it!  You are now registered for your new course in GoReact.

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