Troubleshooting for Instructors

Troubleshooting for Instructors

Account/Registration troubleshooting

I can't log in

The two most common reasons for problems logging into GoReact are an incorrect email address, or trying to log in on the wrong platform.

  • If you created your account on Make sure you are entering the email address you used when you signed up for GoReact and always double check the spelling (we frequently find that the issue is just a simple typo!).
  • If you use an LMS like Canvas or Blackboard: You cannot log into Instead, you must log into your LMS platform directly. For example, if your school uses GoReact in Canvas, log into Canvas.

My screen is white when I log in

If you are logging in and seeing a white screen, this is usually a result of an ad blocker. Try whitelisting GoReact or temporarily disabling the ad blocker. If you are still having issues, contact GoReact Customer Support.

My account is out of time

Upon account creation instructors are provided 30 minutes of recording time for testing purposes. Any video uploaded or recorded to an assignment in GoReact will count against this time unless it has a paid presenter attached. Video comments, stimulus media, and resources do not count against this time. Once that 30 minutes is used, videos can no longer be uploaded or recorded to your account.

If you are unexpectedly out of time and cannot submit a video, check your Course Settings (click the "Edit" button next to the course name). Make sure your course is set to Student-Pay. If your course is not set to Student Pay and it should be, you will need to contact GoReact Support. After students pay for their own unlimited recording time, any time that was used by their videos will be restored to your account.

My student didn't receive the password reset email

Students can reset their passwords using the "Forgot Password" link on the login page.  If a student did not receive this email, they should check their Spam folder.  If your school/organization has an enterprise spam filter that quarantines incoming emails (and these emails are not visible in the end user's spam folder), then you will need to reach out to your system administrator to whitelist emails from the domain.

LMS Troubleshooting

Error message when opening assignment in LMS

If you are unable to open an assignment in your LMS (Canvas, Blackboard, etc.), the troubleshooting: LTI error messages guide will help resolve the issue.

My grades won't pass to my LMS gradebook

The most common cause for grades to not pass to your LMS grade book is because the GoReact app is not configured correctly. If you re-configure the external tool installation, then the issue may be resolved.

If you are on Blackboard, please see the Troubleshooting grade passback in Blackboard guide for more information.

Assignment troubleshooting

Students can't see my assignment

Check the Availability Date of the assignment. If this date is set to a future date, students will not be able to see the assignment until the date (and time) specified.  If you are in an LMS, make sure that the assignment is both published and available.

For more, see Assignment Settings.

Video troubleshooting

My student is having difficulty uploading

The two main reasons why uploads fail are a poor internet connection (too slow or inconsistent) and/or a large file. The troubleshooting: uploading guide will address how to fix most upload problems.

My student's video won't play

If you are unable to play a student's video, the troubleshooting: playback guide will help resolve most playback issues.

My student is having difficulty recording

The most common reason why students have difficulty recording is that the camera and microphone are not enabled

My recording screen is black

The recording screen will be black if your camera isn't detected, which generally means that GoReact has not been allowed access to the camera. To check these settings, please see our Enabling your camera and microphone guide.

I can't see my student's video

If your student says they submitted their video but you can not see it, the reason is most often because the student has not yet "posted" the video. The student will need to click "Play" on the video and then click "Done." This will prompt them to post the video and you will be able to see it on your Dashboard. (You can also check this by masking as the user.)

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