Creating a Marker set

Creating a Marker Set

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What are Markers?

Markers are customizable, color-coded labels that make giving feedback faster and easier.  If you find yourself giving the same comments over and over, you may want to consider enabling Markers.  Now you can give the same feedback with the click of a button.



How do I create a Marker set?

When you create or edit an Activity, you can create a Marker set by clicking the "+Markers" button under "Comment & Markers" in the activity settings.


You can then select a Marker set you have previously created or you can create a new one.  To create a new marker set, click the "+New Marker Set" button. (You can also create a new marker set from the Library button on your dashboard.) 

Add a title for the marker set, type a label for your first marker, and then press Enter.  Continue typing labels for each of your markers (up to 15) and then click "Done."  Click "Okay" and your markers are now available to use in your activity.

Change the marker colors

You can change the color of each marker by clicking on the colored box and picking a new one.  You can also rearrange the markers by dragging and dropping them.


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