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Critiquing a video

After clicking into a session, the video is shown on the left and the feedback panel is shown on the right.


As soon as you start adding feedback (other than markers), the video will pause automatically.  It will start playing again when you hit "Enter" or finish your feedback.

Giving feedback

Please follow these steps to provide feedback:

  1. Enter the playback screen by clicking the video's thumbnail on the dashboard.
  2. Choose the type of feedback you want to give by selecting it from the Feedback Toolbar at the bottom of the feedback panel.  To add a text comment, click "Add a comment...".


  3. For more information on each feedback type, please review our Feedback types guide.
  4. For information on entering a rubric or points, please review our Grading videos guide.
  5. After you finish leaving feedback, click "Back" in the upper left-hand corner to exit the video.  Your feedback will be automatically saved.

Please Note

  • Videos created prior to January 2022 do not have read receipts.
  • Feedback is considered "viewed" if it is on-screen on the feedback panel when viewing a video. Any feedback below the scroll line will not be marked as viewed until it has been scrolled on-screen.
  • The eye icon will not appear until at least one person has viewed that feedback.



Who can view feedback?

Instructors and Reviewers can always see all comments on all videos. Presenters can view all comments on their OWN videos (i.e. where they are the Presenter).

When using peer review, peers can see only their OWN comments on other people’s videos, unless the option "Open Peer Review" is enabled.

How many people can critique a video?

As many GoReact users as you like may review a video, as long as you’ve given them permission to do so. The reviewer must be in your course/folder or account group to give feedback.

How soon is a reviewed video available for the presenter?

Immediately! It’s all recorded and securely available in real-time anywhere from our cloud service.

Can I "hold" feedback so a Presenter can't see it yet?

Yes!  To do so, see Feedback Hold.  

How is feedback synchronized?

GoReact uses intelligent synchronization to give you the most accurate time-coded feedback. For example, our patented timeline engine accounts for network latency and even system clock variance between computers. We also timeline adjust click-initiated feedback to account for the lag time of your mouse movement, as opposed to typed comments which are more instantaneous. And of course, clicking an item in the feedback stream brings you back a few seconds before that spot in the video so you can see what led to that comment. Overall, we've put a lot of thought and user research into optimizing your feedback experience!

Can I record first and then review later?

Yes. GoReact allows for both live feedback (during a presentation) and after-the-fact reviews. If needed, you can do both — critique the presentation live, then go back later for edits and additional comments.

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