Instructor FAQs: using GoReact in your LMS

Instructor FAQs: using GoReact in your LMS

How do I start using GoReact in my LMS?

Your setup instructions will vary depending on which LMS you are using. Please select your LMS logo on our Instructor Documentation page to get started.

How do I set up a GoReact activity in my LMS?

Activity set up will vary depending on which LMS you are using. Please select your LMS logo on our Instructor Documentation page to find the setup information specific to your LMS.

Can I use activities and rubrics from my account?

Library sharing will vary depending on which LMS you are using. Please select your LMS logo on our Instructor Documentation page to find the library sharing information specific to your LMS.

Please note that your and LMS accounts are on separate platforms, so you can't access courses directly between them. This linking simply lets you pull content you've created on into your LMS.

How do I invite a TA to my GoReact LMS course?

Any user roles assigned to the participants in your LMS course will pass to us at GoReact. All you need to do is have your LMS admin add them to your course with the correct role! (We call TA a Reviewer on our end.)

Who can comment on, record, or view a video?

GoReact is a secure, private system that allows Instructors and Presenters to record videos in any active course they are registered in. Instructors can see all videos and comments in their course(s). Student permissions are set by the instructor per activity. Students may be limited to viewing only their own videos and feedback, viewing feedback from other students, and/or viewing all videos and feedback in a course.

For more on setting permissions, see Activity settings.

I deleted a video, can I get it back?

If you accidentally deleted a video and need to restore it, you will see a deleted tab in the app once you click into the activity. If you open that tab, you can restore your video. Videos will remain in your Deleted tab for 30 days.

How long will my students have access to their videos?

Students will have access to their GoReact videos for as long as the LMS course is open to them. Since LMS courses cannot be accessed on (where we preserve videos for five years), any videos that need to be saved for reference after the course is closed will need to be downloaded by the student to their local machine before the course expires.

I copied my LMS course but my GoReact activities are not working

If you have copied activities within your LMS, you will still need to open each GoReact activity and set it up inside of the GoReact app. All external settings from your previous activities will copy over, just not the settings for the GoReact tool itself (where you select the activity type, feedback options, etc.).

Brightspace: Unfortunately the copy course feature in Brightspace will not copy GoReact activities. This is because of the way Brightspace handles app integrations. At first glance it will look like the activities have copied, but students will not be able to access them and the tool will point to your old course content. If you do copy your Brightspace course, you will need to delete all of the GoReact assignments and recreate them.

Grades in my LMS GoReact activities are not passing to my gradebook

The most common cause for grades to not pass to your LMS gradebook is because the GoReact app is not configured correctly. To re-configure the Consumer Key and Shared Secret, see the question below.

The last thing to be aware of when it comes to grade passback in your LMS, is that any GoReact video created by the instructor will not pass a grade, even if a student is added as a presenter on the video.

If you are on Blackboard, please see the Troubleshooting grade passback in Blackboard guide.

Shared Secret/Consumer Key LMS error messages

Most LTI error messages can be resolved by editing the GoReact tool settings and ensuring that the tool is set up correctly.  Links to the setup guides for each LMS can be found below.

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