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Account/Registration questions

How do I start using GoReact?

Our Getting Started Guide will walk you through creating an account, course, and assignment. After that, students can enroll in your course and begin submitting their videos!

How is GoReact priced?

GoReact is super affordable. GoReact is free for instructors while pricing for students will depend on your organization’s agreement with GoReact.  If your school does not have a license with GoReact, the normal fee is $31.99 per course per semester. Licenses offer better pricing, with discounts for both volume of users and annual licensing. For more information on education and volume licensing click here to contact sales. (It's pretty painless—we're friendly and responsive!)

How do I edit my account information?

After logging into, you can edit your name, email address, and password by clicking on your name in the upper right-hand corner of the Dashboard and by selecting "My Profile" from the drop-down menu. Changes are automatically saved when you select a new field or click "Close."

Can I share content between my accounts at different schools?

You cannot share your courses and assignments across organizations but you can share your Library content.  To do so, you must first create a separate account for each school. Then, decide which account you wish to be your "master" account and invite this one into your other account(s). To do this:

  1. Create your secondary account(s).
  2. Log into one of these accounts.
  3. Open the Course Selector on the upper left.
  4. Click the three dots next to your name and select "Invite Account Users."
  5. Enter the email address for your master account (the account you want to have access to this account) and select "Instructor" as the role.
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 for each secondary account.
  7. That's it!

When you log into your master account, you will now see a new option in the Course Selector called "Accounts Shared with Me." This is where you will access the courses from your other account(s).

Please note

It is critical that you log into the correct account under the correct organization when creating each course.  Courses are only visible to students at the school under which each course was created, so if you are logged into the wrong account when you create your course, students from the wrong school will be the only ones who can see it.

How do I share my content with another instructor?

You can share content with another instructor, as long as that instructor is in the same organization as you.

To do so, follow this guide on sharing library content. You can also share an entire course by editing the course, and by allowing other instructors to copy assignments from your course.

Course management questions

My course is expired, how do I extend it?

When you create a new course, the length of the course is set by default to 4 months (i.e. Jan 2nd to May 2nd).

You can extend this date up to six months from the Start Date. To change the end date of your course after it has been created, click the ellipses button ⋮ next to the course name, and select "Edit Course."  From this sidebar, you can adjust the course end date.  If you need the course to be longer than 6 months you will need to contact GoReact Support for assistance.

How do I publish/share my course?

To publish/share your course, click the ellipses ⋮ to the right of your course name, select "Edit Course," and check the box for "Allow other instructors to copy assignments from this course."

How do I see what my students see?

To see what your students see, you can follow this guide on masking as a user.

Assignment questions

Who can comment on, record, or view a video?

GoReact is a secure, private system that allows Instructors and Presenters to record videos in any active course in which they are registered. Instructors can see all videos and comments in their course(s) while student permissions are set per assignment by the instructor. Students may be limited to viewing only their own videos and feedback, viewing feedback from other students, and/or viewing all videos and feedback in a course.

For more, see assignment Settings.

Can I copy assignments from a previous Course?

Yes! To do so, follow this guide on copying course assignments.

Can I reorganize my activity list?

Yes! To do so, follow this guide on Organizing Folders and Activities on the Dashboard .

Video questions

Why are my students having trouble uploading their videos?

The two main reasons why uploads fail are a poor internet connection (too slow or inconsistent) and/or a large file. This guide will walk students through how to address most upload problems.

Why can't I play my student's video?

There are several reasons why video sessions may be unplayable. Please see our Troubleshooting Playback guide.

Can I move a video to a different assignment?

To move a video to a different assignment, click the ellipses button ⋮ to the right of the video, and select "Edit." From here, use the drop-down menu under "Move Submission to Another assignment" to select the new assignment, and then click "Save."

Please note that videos can only be moved between assignments in the same course.

How do I download a student's video?

To download a student's video:

  1. Click the thumbnail of the video to enter the playback screen.
  2. Then, click the "Download" button in the upper right-hand corner.

Please note that videos added from YouTube cannot be downloaded in GoReact.

What do I do if I deleted a video by accident?

If you accidentally deleted a video and want to restore it, open the applicable assignment and select the Deleted tab. Then click the ellipses button ⋮ to the right of the video, and select "Restore."

Feedback questions

Who can view feedback?

Instructors and Reviewers can always see all comments on all videos. Presenters can view all comments on their OWN videos (i.e. where they are the Presenter).

When using peer review, peers can see only their OWN comments on other people’s videos, unless the option "All comments are public" is enabled.

Can I record first and then review later?

Yes. GoReact allows for both live feedback (in Live Event assignments, during a presentation) and after-the-fact feedback. If needed, you can do both — critique the presentation live, then go back later for edits and additional comments.

How many people can critique a video?

As many GoReact users as you like may review a video, as long as you’ve given them permission to do so. Each user must have a "reviewer" or "instructor" role in your course or account group to give feedback.

Note that users cannot have more than one role in any course or account.

How soon is a reviewed video available for the presenter?

Immediately! It’s all recorded and securely available in real-time anywhere from our cloud service.

Can I "hold" feedback so a Presenter can't see it yet?

Yes! To learn more, see Feedback Hold.  

How is feedback synchronized?

GoReact uses intelligent synchronization to give you the most accurate time-coded feedback. For example, our patented timeline engine accounts for network latency and even system clock variance between computers. We also timeline adjust click-initiated feedback to account for the lag time of your mouse movement, as opposed to typed comments which are more instantaneous. And of course, clicking an item in the feedback stream brings you back a few seconds before that spot in the video so you can see what led to that comment. Overall, we've put a lot of thought and user research into optimizing your feedback experience!

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