Activity and course reports

Activity and course reports

To view an Activity Report,

  1. Select the applicable activity.
  2. Click "View Report" on the upper right (next to "Edit Activity").

To view a Course Report,

  1. Open the course drop-down menu on the upper left.
  2. Click the ellipsis button ⋮ next to the applicable course and select "View Report."


Reports summarize the recording and commenting activity for each participant. Below is a description of each section:

Yellow columns

The yellow columns relate to the participant’s critiquing activity. (This is contextual, depending on whether you selected to view a course or activity report.)

  • # Videos Critiqued: Number of videos the user has given feedback on.
  • Total Comments: Total number of comments the user has entered on all videos.
  • Avg. Comment Length: Average word length of this user’s comments. This is a computed average and may vary slightly from actual word count. It’s intended to give a general idea of comment length.

Green columns

The green columns relate to the participant’s recordings. (This is contextual, depending on whether you selected to view a course or activity report.)

  • # Videos Presented: Number of videos on which the user is a Presenter.
  • Total Score: The presenter's overall score out of total points possible.
  • Markers: A summary of all markers left on the presenter's recordings.

User expanded view

This section shows specifics for each video submitted by the chosen presenter.

  • Presenter(s): Shows all presenters attached to the videos submitted by this student. (Usually just the student, but for group submissions, there may be multiple presenters.)
  • Activity: Shows the activity this video belongs to.
  • Date: Shows when the video was submitted.
  • Duration: Shows the duration of the video.
  • Final Score: Shows the final score on the video (average of all evaluations if more than one is given).
  • Markers: Shows a count of all markers left on a video by all users.
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