Standard assignments

Standard assignments

The Standard assignment type is the most commonly used assignment type in GoReact. (Previously known as a Self-Submit activity.)  Without any additional settings, this assignment type allows participants to record or upload a standalone video and submit it for feedback.  With additional settings, this assignment type can be configured to allow live review, group recording, or presenter slides. 

To create a Standard assignment,

  1. Click "Create Assignment" at the top of the assignment list on the left.
  2. Enter an Assignment Name.
  3. Leave the Assignment Type as "Standard."


  4. Select any additional settings, as needed.
  5. Click "Create Assignment."

 For more information on optional assignment settings, see assignment settings and descriptions.

Additional configurations

There are many additional ways to configure a Standard Assignment, including live review, group recording, or presenter slides.  More information on these configurations can be found below.

Live review

To provide live feedback during a recording, create a Standard Assignment and check the box for "Allow live review."  Then, any reviewers (including peers, if enabled) may simultaneously give real-time feedback during the recording. (Previously known as a Live Event activity.)


For more information, see Live review assignments.

Group recording

To allow multiple Presenters to join a single recording, create a Standard Assignment and check the box for "Group recording session."  Then, up to nine presenters can join a single recording session.


For more information, see Group recording assignments.

Presenter slides

To allow Presenters to record a video side-by-side with a slideshow presentation, create a Standard Assignment and check the box for "Presenter slides."  Then, students can upload a PDF slide deck and record a video alongside it, saving the slide transitions as they go.  When the video is reviewed, the slides will show beside the video and automatically advance according to the slide timings set by the Presenter.


For more information on how students will record with slides, see Adding slides to a video.



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