Live review assignments

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To allow LIVE feedback during a presentation/recording, create a Standard assignment, and select the "Allow live review" setting. Then, any reviewers (including peers, if enabled) may simultaneously give real-time feedback on live recordings.

With this option enabled:

  • Feedback can be given during the presentation as well as after-the-fact.
  • Instructors are given the option to create "Awaiting Start" placeholders for each student by clicking the "Create Videos" button.


Important Note

Clicking the "Create Videos" button will only create placeholders for currently enrolled students.  Please wait to click this button until all of your students have joined the course. (If you have already clicked this button, you can still create new placeholders one by one, or you can reset it altogether by deleting all of the previous placeholders.)

Once a Live recording has begun, participants can join the Live Stream to give feedback by clicking the "Join" button.


While reviewing a live video, you can toggle the live stream on or off by clicking the Settings icon.


Recording Live review videos

              1. Click "Start Assignment."


              2. Add an optional title and click "Continue."


              3. OR if the "Awaiting Start" placeholder has already been created, click "Start."


              4. If you see the Equipment Check and it passes, click "Continue." If the equipment check fails, see the Enabling your camera and microphone guide.


              5. Once you are on the recording screen, click "Record."


              6. When you are finished recording, click "Finish." 
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