Test Activities

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Test Activities

Test activities in GoReact limit video submissions to only one attempt per student and allow you to add a time limit.  Videos are automatically submitted when a student is done recording.

To enable the Test option,

  1. Select your activity and click "Edit Activity" at the top right.
  2. Click "Edit" at the top of the "Edit Activity" window.
  3. Check the box next to "Test" and add a time limit if desired.


  4. Click "Done" and then "Close." 

Test Activity rules

If the Test option is enabled on an activity, it enforces the following rules:

  • Students cannot pause their recording.
  • Stimulus media and any recording instructions (if applicable) cannot be previewed from the dashboard.  These will become available when the student begins the test.
  • If a time limit is entered, the recording will end automatically when the time limit is reached.  Students will be prompted with countdown warnings as they approach the time limit.
  • Students are allowed only one attempt and one submission.
  • Students cannot delete their test submission, only the instructor can.

Blank submissions

If a student runs into technical difficulties during their recording and they end up with a blank submission, these will show as a black thumbnail on the dashboard.


If this happens, simply click "Allow Retake" to delete their first attempt and allow them to submit another recording.

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