There are four activity types available on GoReact.  Watch a short video or review more in-depth information below.


Choose this option for self-submission assignments, or for recordings where no live feedback is given. This allows participants to record their own videos and submit them for feedback. This option is useful for self-directed recordings, field recordings, and more. This is the most common Activity Type used.

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Live Event

Choose this option for activities that will include LIVE feedback to be given during a presentation/recording. Any reviewers (including peers, if enabled) may simultaneously give real-time feedback during the recording. This type is commonly used for communication and public speaking activities.

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Choose this option if you wish to have participants record a video response to another video (or other media) you have provided as a stimulus/prompt. The recorded response will be synchronized to the stimulus media. This type is commonly used in interpreting and other language activities, for mock interviews, and other prompt-oriented responses.

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Comment Only

Choose this option if you wish to have participants provide comments on a stimulus/prompt media without recording their own video response.

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