Creating an Assignment/Activity

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This guide is specific to users, but may have some overlapping steps. If your course is held in an LMS (Canvas, Blackboard, etc.) you should go back to the instructor guides and select your LMS, and that applicable "Creating an Assignment" guide.

Creating an assignment

Please follow these steps to create your assignment:

  1. Click the "Create Assignment" button.


  2. Select whether you are creating a new assignment from scratch or will be copying an assignment template from your library.  (See our Library - Assignment Templates guide for more information on using templates.) 


  3. Enter in the assignment name (required).


  4. Select any additional non-required assignment settings.
  5. Click the "Create Assignment" button.


For more information on creating an assignment, watch the following video:

Be advised, this video will be slightly outdated, but the general message will remain the same.

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