Comment Only Activities

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StimmComm.pngComment Only Activities

Comment Only activities allow participants to evaluate a video without recording their own video response.  This activity type is useful when students need to review a presentation/speech or anytime you want students to simply watch a video and provide feedback.

Activity settings that are unique to this activity type are:

  • public-comments.png Group Discussion: which allows participants to have a conversation about the video while seeing all of their peer's comments. If unchecked, comments remain private as usual.
  • Individual_Graded_Icon.PNG Individual Graded Response: which allows the instructor to score each participant individually on their comments. Using this option will result in an individual submission on the dashboard for each student.

NOTE: For this activity type, the "Test" option is not available.

As an instructor, you will see "No feedback submitted yet" until at least one student has completed the activity.


> For more information see Activity Settings

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