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With our new GoReact dashboard, there is some new terminology. Note that Folder/Course, Activity/Assignment, Owner/Instructor, and Participant/Presenter are now interchangeable terms.

Copy all activities

There are two ways to copy activities from a previous course.

  • If you are creating a new folder, select the folder you wish to copy activities from at the bottom of the "Create Folder" window. Note, this will copy ALL of the activities in that course.


  • If you have already created a folder, click the ellipses ⋮ next to your folder name and select "Edit Folder."  At the bottom of that sidebar, you'll see the same "Copy Activities" option. Note, this will copy ALL of the activities in that course.


Activity due dates

After copying activities, you may need to adjust the due dates. You can do this in the activity settings.

Copy one activity

To duplicate an activity within a folder, click the three dots to the right of the activity, and click "Duplicate."


After that, the create activity panel will open on the right.  Update the activity name and any settings, as necessary, and click "Create Activity."

ASL Video

This video goes over Duplicating & Archiving. The beginning of the video shows how to Copy/Duplicate content.

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