User permission levels

User roles in GoReact determine permission levels and accessibility of all content. Following are the roles we use and the level of access each one permits:

  • Owner: Owner of an account or course. All administrative rights granted within the account or course. Can create, view, and manage content and users within the account or course.
  • Admin: All administrative rights within a group, generally reserved for organization administrators.  Organization admins can create, view, and manage content and users in any account or group within the organization.
  • Instructor: Administrative rights within a course.  Can create, view, and manage content and users within the course.  (NOTE: If an instructor is invited into another instructor's Account, they can also create and manage all content and users within that account).
  • Reviewer: This role is typically used for Teaching Assistants. Can only view, critique, and evaluate all videos in a course.  Cannot record sessions or manage content or users.
  • Presenter: This is the Student role. Can record, upload, and view their own videos.  Depending on assignment settings, can view peers' videos and provide feedback on them.

For information on how to invite these roles into your course, see Inviting Users.

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