Enabling Closed Captions and Uploading Audio Description Files

YouTube Captions

You can not add caption files to YouTube videos.  If the YouTube video already has captions, they will automatically play in GoReact and can only be removed by the content creator via YouTube's settings.

Important Considerations

  • If SRT or VTT caption files have been uploaded for this video, the captions from those files will be used instead of real-time transcribing.
  • Real-time captions are not saved to the video - they are auto-generated each time the video is played.
  • Real-time captions are not available for YouTube videos as YouTube controls captioning from their end.
  • Real-time captions are available for Zoom recordings.

As part of our ongoing commitment to make our software accessible to all users, GoReact offers two ways to add captions to your videos:

  • Real-time, auto-generated Closed Captions where the audio on your video is transcribed as it is being played.
  • Uploaded Closed Caption or Audio Description files.

Real-time Closed Captions

Important Considerations

GoReact uses IBM Watson for auto-generating Closed Captions

To enable real-time Closed Captions for a video, click on the gear icon at the lower left corner of the playback screen and toggle the Subtitles/CC setting.


To enable real-time captions during a group recording session, click the CC button on the recording bar at the bottom of the recording screen.


You may notice that as the text is displayed it will correct itself based on the context of what is being said.  This is normal and is part of the artificial intelligence-based technology used to display accurate text of the audio.

Uploading Closed Caption or Audio Description files

Please note

Closed Caption (CC) or Audio Description (AD) files can be added to the following videos:

  • Source media (Stimulus or Comment Only assignments)
  • Recording instructions
  • Feedback instructions
  • Instructor attachments
  • Presenter attachments

For information on supported file types for Closed Caption or Audio Description files, see Supported file types.

Please follow these steps to upload your own captions or audio description files to a video.

  1. Navigate to the video that you wish to add captions or an audio description to.  (Either in the library or assignment settings for instructors or on an assignment video for both students and instructors.)
  2. Click the ellipses button ellipses.png next to the video and select "Edit," or click the "Edit" button mceclip0.png in the assignment settings.
  3. Click "+ Captions" or "+ Audio Description" - whichever file type you want to add. 
  4. Choose the applicable file from your computer and click "Start" to upload the file.

Now when playing the video, viewers can toggle the captions and/or audio description on/off by clicking the Settings icon and then the corresponding toggle.


Any captions or audio description files that are uploaded to a video will automatically save to that video for future use.

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