To invite users to your course, you have three options:

All three options will work for student presenters. If you are inviting an Admin, Instructor, or Reviewer to your course then you will need to use individual invites.



Self-registration is the simplest option for adding students to a course.  For students to self-register, they will:

  1. Login/register for GoReact.
  2. Click Course Registration.
  3. Enter their organization, instructor, and course names.  
  4. Click "Go!"


Note:  Students can't self-register if your organization is set to Private.

> Getting Started Guide for Students, including how to self-register

Individual invitations

To invite students with an email, or to invite Admins, Instructors, or Reviewers, you need to send individual invitations.

To send individual invitations:

  1. Click the ellipses ⋮ to the right of your course name and select "Invite Users."


  2. Enter one or more email addresses (separated by a comma or semicolon).
  3. Choose the Role (permission level) that all of these users should have. 
  4. Click "Send Invitations."


Each user will receive an email with a personalized link to register for your course with the indicated Role.  Users with existing accounts will automatically be added to the course.  Users without an existing account will be prompted to create one and will then be added to the course.


You can also invite users to your Account level by clicking the ellipses button ⋮ next to "Courses I Own".  Be aware that inviting users to your account will allow those users to view and manage ALL of your courses and content and create new content under your account.

Here's a short video on inviting co-instructors to your course:

Group Join link

The third way to invite users to your course is to use a Group Join Link.  To find this link:

  1. Click the ellipses ⋮ to the right of your course name and select "Invite Users."


  2. Copy the link below "Group Join Link." 


You can email or post this link, allowing each student to register for your course.

Please note

Each Group Join Link is unique and is good only for the course that you copied the link from.  You cannot use the same join link for multiple courses or to invite instructors/TAs or admins.  Each join link can be used an unlimited number of times.

If you need to invalidate an existing link, you can generate a new one for your course by clicking the refresh link button. Anyone using the old link will be unable to add your course.

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