Admin course creation

If you are an administrator and you would like to set up courses for one or more of your instructors, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new course. We recommend including "Master" or "Template" in the title to more easily identify this course.
  2. Set the End Date to a past date so that the course is automatically expired. This will prevent students from mistakenly registering for your Master course. (If you need to edit the Start Date on a course you've already created, see Editing a Course.)
  3. Create all of the assignments for this course.
  4. Navigate to the Instructor's Account into which you'd like to copy the course. To do so, click on the current course name at the top left corner of the dashboard.  Then click on your name and select the instructor's name in the drop-down menu. (You need to have an Administrator role in your organization for this ability. If you are not an admin in your org, contact GoReact Support to get this role assigned to your account).
  5. Click "Create Course" at the bottom of the course list.
  6. Title the course, set the Start and End dates, and click on the "Copy assignments from a previous course" drop-down.  Select your Master course from the list and click "Create Course."
  7. Invite the instructor to the course (see Inviting Users).
  8. Repeat this process for each course you need to create.

Alternatively, you can skip steps 3 through 8 if you're okay having your Master course(s) available to all instructors in your organization.  To make a course available for other instructors to copy:

  1. Click your course name in the top left corner of the dashboard, click the ellipses button ⋮ next to the applicable course, and select "Edit Course."
  2. At the bottom of the Settings panel, check the box for "Allow other instructors to copy assignments from this course."
  3. Instructors in your organization will now see your Master course listed under the "Published Courses" section of the course copy dropdown list and can copy the assignments from your Master course into their own.


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