Removing or Deactivating Users

Please Note

With our new GoReact dashboard, there is some new terminology. Note that Folder/Course, Activity/Assignment, Owner/Instructor, and Participant/Presenter are now interchangeable terms.

Removing or Deactivating Users

Removing vs. Deactivating

  • Removing a user from a folder will prevent that user from accessing the folder any further. Any videos or comments they provided while they were registered in the folder will remain, but the folder will be removed from their dashboard. This option is not always available.

  • Deactivating a user in a folder also removes the user's access and retains their videos and comments, but any seats and payments for that user remain consumed.  This is particularly useful for single use assessment or certification type folders where you have participants registering for a one-time test and then need to have their access removed after they have completed the assessment.

Please note

If a participant has already paid for a course, then they cannot be removed. If you need to remove a paid participant from a course, please contact GoReact Support.  If the participant is transferring to a different folder, the participant must drop the folder they are in and have the new folder Owner send them an invite or join link.

Removing or deactivating a user

  1. Click the ellipses ⋮ to the right of your folder name.
  2. Select "Manage Users."
  3. Find the user you wish to remove from or deactivate in the course and click the ellipses next to their name.
  4. Choose Remove User or Deactivate User
  5. Confirm your action on the pop-up dialogue, to complete the process.


If participants being removed from a folder need to keep the videos they have posted, you may wish to notify the participant beforehand and have them download their videos prior to removing them.

At the bottom of your Manage Users page, a Deactivated Users list will appear and allow you to restore those users to the group at any time.


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