Manage Users page

Manage Users Page

The Manage Users page is your one-stop shop for user information in your course and account.  This page lets you:

  • Invite or remove users
  • See your pending invitations
  • View the paid status of your students
  • View and change user roles
  • See users' last login date
  • Transfer users between courses

To open the Manage Users page, click your course name in the top left corner of the dashboard, click the ellipses ⋮ next to the applicable course, and select Manage Users.

Each student's payment status will show to the left of their name.  A grey "$" means they have paid, a red "$" means they have not paid, and no "$" at all means your course has been paid for under a site license.  User name, email address, permission level (role), and last login are displayed.


In the Action column, you can mask as (eye icon), edit (pencil icon), or remove a user (x). 

Masking as a user

Masking is the equivalent of logging in as that user.  This is useful when you want to see what a specific student sees in your course.  To mask as a user, click the eye icon next to their name.   When you are done masking as a user, click their name in the upper right, and select "Exit Mask View." 

Editing a user allows you to change their name, email address, or permission level (role), as well as transfer their registration to a different course.

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