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Beginning December 2022, some non-educational institutions will have different terminology used in their GoReact experience. The terms Folder/Course, and Activity/Assignment, and Score/Grade are interchangeable.

Creating a course

Please follow these steps to create your course

  1. On the top-left hand side of your dashboard, click "Courses."
  2. Click “Create Course" in the middle of the drop-down menu.


  3. Enter a course name, select a license option, and set the start and end dates for your course. (Note that the course name is limited to 60 characters or less.) Optionally, you can select a previous course to copy assignments from.


  4. Click the "Create Course" button.

After creating your course, follow these guides to finish setting everything up:


Note, our interface has changed a bit since this was created, but the contents of the video are still applicable and can be helpful.

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