Sharing Library items

Sharing library items

To share library items with others in your organization:

  1. Open the library by clicking the library icon at the top right.


  2. Navigate to the library item you wish to share.
  3. Click the Share  button.
  4. Select the organization(s) to share the library item with.
  5. Enter a category and a description for your item.
  6. Click "Save."

Your item is now available in your organization's shared library.


If you would like to unshare an item that you have previously shared, click the Share icon, uncheck the box next to the applicable organization, and then click "Save."

Using shared library items

Library items that have been shared by others can be found on the organization tab next to the "Mine" tab at the top of the library window.

If you would like to use a shared Library item, click the Add to Library button. This will copy the item to your own Library and allow you to modify it, without affecting the original item.


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