GoReact Library Overview

Accessing the GoReact Library

The Library is your one-stop location for managing all of your media, rubrics, markers, documents, and activity templates. To open the library, click the library button at the bottom left.


Library Organization

Main Library Panel
This is where you can see your Library content displayed. What you see listed here depends on what selectors you have active on the left sidebar.


Some collections show up by default, but you can create collections as well. See our guide on Library Collections for more information.


Content Type Selector
The Content Type selector acts as a filter. Depending on which Content Type you have selected, that is the type of content that will show up in your Library in any given collection. The Content Types you will see are Media (videos and audio files), Rubrics, Markers, Documents, and Assignment Templates.


To add content to the Library, see our guide on Creating Library Content.

Related info

For step-by-step guides about all of the functions of our Library, see the Library section of our Help Center.

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