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If you wish to share your library items between your and LMS accounts, see our Sharing your Library between your GoReact accounts guide.

We also have guides on Creating and Managing Library Content, and Library Sharing

What can I do with the GoReact Library?

The Library is your one-stop location for managing all of your media, rubrics, markers, and documents. To open the library, click the library button at the top right.


In the Library, you can:

  • Create, upload, edit, copy, move, or delete library items.
  • Access your organization's shared library.
  • Set up Collections of library items.
    • Collections make it easy for you to organize your library by course, topic, or any way you'd like.
  • Share content through Collections
    • Create your own collections and share them with other GoReact users - they will have access to all items in that collection. See our guide on Library Sharing.
    • Copy library items that were shared with you to make your own edits.

Library Organization

On the left sidebar of your Library, you will see two main sections: Collections and Content Type.  Collections allow you to organize your content.

Content Type
The Content Type section acts as a filter. Depending on which Content Type you have selected, that is the type of content you that will show up in your Library in any given collection. The Content Types you will see are Media, Rubrics, Markers, Documents, and Assignments.


All users’ libraries include the following Collections:

  • My Collection - This is where all of your content will save by default, if you don’t organize it otherwise. This collection is only visible to you and cannot be shared with others, but individual library items in this collection can be shared.
  • Mine (Old Library) - For long-time GoReact users, you will see a "Mine (Old Library)" tab in your library. This contains all of the contents that you previously saw under the "Mine" tab in the old version of the GoReact Library.
    We will eventually remove the old library collection, so we recommend you move/copy any content here into another Collection within the Library.
  • Organization collection - This collection is visible to all GoReact users (with a role Instructor and above) that belong to your organization.
  • My History - This collection is a record of all the things you've created, added, or uploaded to your assignments, courses, and library.
  • Custom Collections - You can create up to 25 custom collections in your Library to help organize your content however you'd like. 

Please Note

Linked users will only see the organization tab that is tied to the account you are currently logged in with, but you will see all of your custom collections from either organization.

For users that have linked their LMS account with their account, you will notice that the "My Collection" and the "Mine (Old Library)" collections display library items from both organizations that you are linked to.

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