Getting Started Guide for Instructors

Please Note

If you are using the GoReact tool in your LMS platform (Canvas, Blackboard, etc.) you will need to go back to the Instructor support page and click the corresponding LMS icon for specific instructions for your LMS.

Creating an account

      1. From the homepage, click "Login/Sign Up" at the top right.
      2. Click "Create Account".
      3. Select "Instructor" for your account type.
      4. Fill in your email address, password, and then click "Sign Up."
      5. You will receive an email confirmation with a verification code.  Enter in that verification code here:


      6. Next, select the organization you belong to.  If you have been invited to or if we have associated your email domain with an existing organization, you will see that organization listed.  You can also search for your organization by clicking the "Search for more" link if you don't see it already listed.


        If you are the first GoReact user for your organization or if we aren't able to associate your email domain with an existing organization, you can create a new one by clicking the "Create" button. 


        Enter the requested information about your organization and click "Continue."


      7. Fill out the next form with your information and click "Continue."


      8. Your account has been created.  Click Start Exploring to create your first course!



After creating your account, follow these guides to get everything set up:


Note, our interface has changed a bit since this was created, but the contents of the video are still applicable and can be helpful.


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