GoReact AI Assistant

GoReact users, starting May 1st, will have the option to start using our new AI Assistant. That assistant will provide the following:

  • AI Markers & Comments
  • AI Metrics
  • Searchable Transcripts

Below, we will go over what each of those aspects entail.

Please note

AI features are part of our Advanced package, releasing in July. For more information about pricing, please visit get.goreact.com/pricing

Please note

GoReact uses audio transcription of the posted video to provide AI generated Markers, Comments, and Transcription. If the video does not have audio, then these features won't be available.

AI Metrics

GoReact, using the power of AI, can now provide detailed metrics on your video! Things such as:

  • Filler words (total & percentage)
  • Pauses (total & lengthy)
  • Pace (wpm, change in pace)
  • Hedging words (total & percentage)
  • Clickable, timeline-connected data points
  • Feedback graph (markers & comments)
  • Easy access to feedback tools (every element in the analytics is clickable!!!)

AI Metrics.png

AI Markers & Comments

Using the audio transcription of your video, and AI, GoReact can provide auto-generated and immediate feedback on your submission, so you don't need to wait to get better! The AI will also flag specific behaviors using pre-generated markers specific to your discipline.

AI Metrics and Comments.png

Searchable Transcripts

GoReact, using the audio transcript for your video, now provides a searchable transcript. So, if there's a specific key point you're looking for, just jump to that moment! There are a few specific features here too:

  • Full transcript based on audio
  • Time-stamped (jump to moment)
  • Speaker identification
  • Highlight filler words and hedging words
  • Keyword search
  • Feedback tools access

Searchable Transcripts.png

How to turn AI Markers on?

To turn the AI Markers on just select the "Feedback Settings" section in the Activity settings, and then check "AI Markers":

AI Markers Setting 2.png



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