Creating and Sharing Library Collections

To learn more about collections, see our Library Collections guide. 

Creating a custom Library Collection

  1. Open the Library by clicking the icon at the bottom left.


  2. Click the Manage Collections gear at the top left

    manage collections.png

  3. Scroll down the collections list and click + New Collection


  4. Add a Collection name
  5. If you would like to share the collection with another GoReact user, type their email address and click “Share.” You can also create the collection now and share it with others later using the steps in the following section.
  6. Click “Save & Close”

Adding Content to your Collection

  1. Locate any Library item and click the ellipses button at the right of the item.


  2. Click “Copy” or “Move.”

    You sometimes cannot Move content that you do not own. If you are unable to Move a Library item, try copying it instead.

  3. A pop-up window will open. Select the Collection where you want the item to show up from the drop-down and click “Save.”


Sharing Library Collections

  1. Open the Library and click the “Manage Collections” gear at the top left.
  2. Click the pencil icon next to the name of the collection you want to share.

    Please Note

    If there is no pencil icon, then you do not have permission to share that collection and will need to create a new collection using the steps in the top section of this guide.

  3. Enter the email address of the GoReact user you would like to share the collection with and click “Share.”


  4. On this page, you can also remove users from your collection using the “Trash” icon.
  5. Click “Save & Close”

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