Library Collections

Default Collections

All users' libraries include the following Collections:

  • My Collection - This is where all of your content will save by default, if you don’t organize it otherwise. This collection is only visible to you and cannot be shared with others, but individual library items in this collection can be shared.
  • Mine (Old Library) - For long-time GoReact users, you will see a "Mine (Old Library)" tab in your library. This contains all of the contents that you previously saw under the "Mine" tab in the old version of the GoReact Library. We will eventually remove the old library collection, so we recommend you move/copy any content here into another Collection within the Library.
  • Organization collection - This collection is visible to all GoReact users (with a role Owner/Instructor and above) that belong to your organization.
  • My History - This collection is a record of all the things you've created, added, or uploaded to your assignments, courses, and library.
  • Free Templates - After investigating common trends among disciplines, GoReact has created a Library Collection with pre-built library items, specific to multiple common use-cases in GoReact for you to access and use at your convenience. To learn more about this collection, see our Free Templates Library Collection guide

Custom Collections

You can create up to 25 custom collections in your Library to help organize your content however you'd like. You can give these collections custom names and share them with others.

See more in our Creating and Sharing Library Collections guide.

Organizing Collections

manage collections.png

You can control which collections are visible in the sidebar. To do this, click the “Manage Collections” gear.


  • Any collection with a green checkmark will be visible in the Library. Un-check that box if you don’t want it to show.
  • If a collection can be deleted or edited, you will see a trash icon and a pencil icon. (You can only delete or edit collections that you own/create.)
  • Rearrange the order of collections by grabbing the gray tab at the left of the collection and dragging it to where you want it in the list.

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