This is a generic overview glossary. For more information on our Data API, and to review our data entity diagrams, see our Data API Access guide.

 /courses Courses are where activities live.
/course_settings /course_settings will show which settings are selected for which /courses.  For more information on course settings (also known as folder settings), see our Editing a Folder guide.
/assignments Assignments are how student video sessions are organized.  This is where permission levels and peer visibility are defined.
/sessions A students submission including video or audio files is called a Session.
/media Media, similar to real-life use of the word, is any piece of video or audio content that is posted to GoReact.  The media item can live in a session, the library, or a comment.
/users Users are anyone that is using GoReact.  You can find more information on our 4 roles (Admin, Instructor, Reviewer, and Participant) here: User Permission Levels.
/presenters Presenters are users who are attached to a session.  There can be many presenters on a single session.
/comments Any feedback left in GoReact in the "text" form.
/markers Markers are customizable, color-coded labels that make giving feedback faster and easier.  For more on this, see our Creating a Marker Set guide.
/marker_sets /marker_sets will total how many sets of markers your organization has created.
/rubric_[...] Rubrics are criteria based grading.  We offer multiple ways to narrow down specific rubric details such as:
  • /rubric_templates
  • /rubric_sessions
  • /rubric_session_elements
  • /rubric_elements
  • /rubric_element_options
For more information on rubrics, see our Creating a Rubric guide.
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