GoReact Quick Start (Student/Participant)

Please Note

This is intended as a quick start guide for first-time students/participants, and may not have all of the information you need. For additional resources, please visit our Students/Participants help center page.. Thank you!

Please Note

Students/Participants CANNOT sign up on their own. Instead, you will need to be invited by the instructor/owner of the Folder via a join link or email invitation. If you don't have an invitation, please contact the instructor/owner of the Folder, and ask for one.

Goreact Quick Start Instructions

  1. Accept the invitation in your email, or navigate to the join link provided by your instructor and follow the steps to create your account. For more details on that, follow our Getting Started Guide for Students.
  2. Once you're signed up, and you have an activity ready to complete, click into your Folder, then the Activity, and click "Start Activity"!
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