Administrator Setup of GoReact in Moodle - LTI 1.3

GoReact is both LTI 1.1 & LTI 1.3 compliant for Moodle. This guide will overview how to integrate GoReact in Moodle via LTI 1.3.

Please Note

Setting up LTI 1.3 for your organization should be intentional, and should not be taken lightly since there could be issues in switching back and forth. Please be sure if you're following these steps that you are a Moodle administrator with permission for your organization to make these changes.

Before starting your installation of LTI 1.3, if you are an existing GoReact customer, please confirm that you are in compliance with our LTI 1.1 setup instructions including but not limited to

  • Making sure GoReact is installed at the organization level.
  • Using the proper launch URL: (or, .eu for our friends in the EU).
  • Using the proper unique key/secret.

If you're unsure if you're in compliance there, please reach out to our support team for assistance here: GoReact Support

For our friends located in the EU

Please make sure if you are located in the EU that you use .eu as your extension, and not .com.
Thank you!!

Please Note

Only 1 app installation should be installed per organization, and you should not delete your GoReact installations unless otherwise directed by the GoReact support team.

To create/access any course/assignment created in Moodle, please log in through Moodle. You will never need to go to to access a Moodle course/assignment.

Installing GoReact LTI 1.3 to Moodle

Note, your view in Moodle may be slightly different, but the same steps should apply. Be advised, if you're unable to install external tools, then you likely do not have the proper admin role/permissions in Moodle. Please seek out your Moodle administrator to get those adjusted, or have them follow this guide for you.

Please Note

If you already have a GoReact LTI 1.1 installation, then you can skip steps 1 and 2 and edit your existing tool.

moodle edit existing tools.png

After clicking "edit", just change the "LTI version" drop-down to "LTI 1.3", and then go to step 3 to make sure all of the proper URL's are in place.

  1. Click on the "Site Administration" tab, and select "Plugins", and then "Manage Tools" in the list that appears.
  2. From there, click "configure a tool manually".

    moodle - configure a tool manually.png

  3. In the Placement Information field, make sure the following information is entered:
    Tool Settings:
            Tool name: GoReact
            Tool URL:
            LTI version: Select "LTI 1.3" in the drop-down
            Public key type: Select "Keyset URL" in the drop-down
            Public keyset:
            Initiate login URL:
            Redirection URI(s):
            Custom parameters:
            Default launch container: Select "New window" in the drop-down

    moodle tool settings2.png

            IMS LTI Assignment and Grade Service: Select "Use this service for grade sync and column management" in the drop-down
            IMS LTI Names and Role Provisioning: Select "Use this service to retrieve members' information as per privacy settings" in the drop-down
            Tool Settings: Select "Use this service" in the drop-down

    moodle services.png

            Share launcher's name with tool: Select "Always" in the drop-down
            Share launcher's email with tool: Select "Always" in the drop-down
            Accept grades from the tool: Select "Always" in the drop-down

    moodle privacy.png

  4. Click "Save changes" and you'll be brought back to the Manage tools page.
  5. Find your GoReact card, and click the "list" icon to gather necessary issuer information to send to GoReact Support, and you're done! You can now start creating GoReact assignments in Moodle.

Be advised

Now your LTI 1.1 assignments will now launch LTI 1.3 payloads. If you experiencing issues, please contact GoReact Support

You will likely see an error message when you first create a GoReact LTI 1.3 assignment. This is intentional!
LTI 1.3 is built with security and verification in mind, so when you first launch GoReact you may see an error page asking you to reach out to our support team to verify your account. Please complete this step, and then you will start to see GoReact like normal.
Thank you!

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